5 Outstanding Coworking Spaces in Doral, Florida

As the city of Doral continues to grow and expand due to its thriving economy, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to be competitive. Coworking spaces in Doral are one such solution that is attracting many small businesses and freelancers. They are equipping Doral’s innovative minds with the right resources to be able to compete in the global market.

However, with so many options, it might not be an easy task to pick the most suitable space that meets your needs. So stick around to find an ideal coworking space in Doral, Florida. From affluent, hi-tech amenities to solution-oriented services, these spaces are bound to serve you well.

Here are the best Doral coworking spaces based on their reviews, cost efficiency, amenities, and services. Have a look.


Pipeline Coworking Space Doral

Pipeline Coworking Space Doral

If you have a keen eye for vibrant aesthetics, the Pipeline coworking space in Doral could be a spot-on choice. Born out of the minds of inspired individuals, the place intends to focus on the pain points of finding the perfect workspace. Therefore, they offer great amenities like organic coffees, specialty teas, and a fully-stocked kitchen to ensure home-like comfort. It is also packed with premium furniture, ergonomic chairs, cushioned couches, and much more.  

Moreover, this Doral coworking space offers flex and dedicated desks, plus virtual office addresses in the prime of the city. But if you prefer working from a secluded space, their private offices will be a good option. Lastly, they also provide receptionist services and a business center with a provision of 24/7 access.

Pricing: If you’re an economical person, choose their flex desk option starting at $199/month. Alternatively, you may choose a dedicated desk for $449/month. 

Location: 8400 NW 36th St Ste 450, Doral, FL 33166, United States.

Website: https://pipelineworkspaces.com/ 

Phone: (305) 358-1841


Quest Workspaces Doral

Quest Workspaces

Located in a boutique suburban building, Quest coworking space in Doral features a subtle yet chic workspace. They have designer furniture, inspiring wall art, and great hospitality that provides the space with a welcoming vibe. So you’ll feel like you are working from a modern home instead of a traditional office space. Moreover, they offer flexible memberships, so you’ll have plenty of options to tailor your package.

For your virtual needs, they have enhanced Zoom video conference rooms. In addition, you get access to a veteran clientele that may help propel your future successes forward. On top of basic office amenities, there is a free gym, wellness, networking events, reception, and much more. 

Pricing: Not available on the website. You may contact the space for further information on pricing and membership options. 

Location: 8200 NW 41st St #200, Doral, FL 33166, United States.

Website: https://questworkspaces.com/ 

Phone: (305) 721-3000


Work 2gether Center

Work 2gether Center

Work 2gether Center is the ultimate coworking space in Doral if you are looking to make relevant business connections. Try it out with their 1 Day free trial while taking advantage of the proximity to Miami Airport. The space has a perfect blend of natural and artificial light, so it’s hard to lose focus. You may also use their lounge area to enjoy some time away from your screen.

On top of the premium furniture and gorgeous interior decor, all basic office amenities are taken care of. However, the fully-stocked private offices and conference rooms are an additional perk. Their membership pricing is also very user-friendly, so you are most likely to find a suitable plan. Moreover, with ample surface parking and a great outdoor view, you’ll also be close to plenty of restaurants and cafes. 

Pricing: Their shared space is very cost friendly, starting at $10/day. You can make your way up to booking your space for a month if you find the place suitable to your needs.

Location: 7500 NW 25th St Suite 237, Doral, FL 33122, United States.

Website: https://www.worktogethercenter.com/ 

Phone: (855) 967-5896


Venture Coworking Space Doral

Venture Coworking Space Doral

Venture X Doral is a 15,000 square feet modern coworking space in Doral, Miami. Its strategic location offers convenient access and ample parking. Plus, it is within 12 minutes of the bustling Miami International Airport. The abundance of natural light filtering through large windows, along with specially designed furniture, gives a very positive vibe. At the same time, the gorgeous outdoor view will keep you fresh and alert.

Moreover, this Doral coworking space features a welcoming community. They also offer hi-tech conference rooms, gourmet coffee and tea, a state-of-the-art lounge, conference space, and more. The secure keycard access around the clock lets you work at your convenience. 

Pricing: If you want to start small and slow, go for their shared coworking option, which starts at $249/month. Furthermore, choose their dedicated desks for more personal space, starting at $499/month. 

Location: 8350 NW 52nd Terrace Suite 301, Miami, FL 33166, United States.

Website: https://venturex.com/ 

Phone: (305) 547-9651 


Area Work Central

Area Work Central

The Area Work Central coworking space in Doral is aesthetically pleasing and has many attractive features. These include a free gym, upscale restaurant, garage parking, and a Quester condo. They also enable efficient lighting and the potted plants on racks and shelves further add to the refreshing vibe. With ample ergonomic furniture and cushioned seatings, there’s no doubt that the place offers maximum comfort. 

The Area Work Central’s Doral coworking space believes in community building. But if you seek a secluded workspace, their premium private offices are packed with top-notch office amenities. However, for the same purpose, a dedicated desk could be a more economical option. You may also avail of virtual office addresses with mailboxes and reception services. Overall, Area Work Central is a premium coworking space in Doral with a knack for serving innovative minds. Apart from Doral, they have two more spaces in Miami.

Pricing: Their prices for their private offices start at $659/month. However, their shared and dedicated desks are priced at $279/month and $479/month. The conference rooms start at $49/hour. 

Location: 5765 NW 84th Ave, Doral, FL 33166, United States.

Website: http://areaworkcentral.com/ 

Phone: (305) 680-0979

Overall, these coworking spaces in Doral, FL, can provide a great source of productivity and creativity for all types of people. With greater flexibility in choosing workspaces, basic to premium amenities, and round-the-clock access, it’s easy to stay focused. Cost-effectiveness is another attractive feature. With growing demand from both businesses and freelancers alike, the future potential of coworking spaces in Doral looks promising indeed.

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