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Our Team

Dennis Johnson

Founder, CEO

Dennis Johnson, our CEO, inspires architects with the best architectural projects in the world and the tools needed to make them a reality. Our actions directly lead to better, friendlier cities.

"I have one goal in mind every day when I get out of bed: to help our team fulfill the aim of our organization, which is to enable everyone involved in creating architecture to improve quality of life."

John Mathis

Managing Director

Our Managing Director and senior visual artist, John Mathis, resides in New York. He concentrates his writing on the connections between architecture, social policy, urbanism, and behavioral economics.

"To create the best online resource for a more cohesive community of architects, students, designers, and admirers of the built environment."

Margie Drewes

Advertising Director

Architect Margie Drewes is in charge of advertising and communications. She manages academic and architectural product promotions on a national and worldwide level.

"We strive to provide tools and inspiration for building better cities daily as architects, editors, and curators. We're proud of our team for cooperating on the project."

Charles Olive

Senior Project Manager

Charles Olive contributes to Office US as a writer of news and feature articles involving architecture. He works as an architect at one of the USA's biggest design and engineering companies, apart from being a writer.

"I love how we assist architects in specifying items and learning about cutting-edge materials to meet needs on every project by assisting our partners in providing the most recent product information."

Timothy Cordell

Principal Engineer

Timothy is Office US's best engineer. He examines how technological advancements currently influence the architectural profession amid broader cultural and political concerns in his regular column on the website.

"By supplying information, resources, and ideas for those who will take on the challenge of planning for them, we hope to improve the quality of life for the billions of people who will move into cities over the upcoming decades."