6 Benefits Of Embracing AI In Your Coworking Space

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  • AI can help companies hire the right employees, take over the interview process, and power today’s chatbots — which enable HR departments to spend less time answering basic questions. 
  • In the coworking industry, AI-based forecasting provides a way for businesses to anticipate any potential budget deficits in advance and adjust accordingly.
  • AI software can help coworking spaces track bookings, report problems, and easily provide credit/refunds to customers.

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry’s market size is projected to reach $997.77 billion by 2028 — nearly five times as large when compared to 2023.

This technology has sparked some controversy, mainly because it is thought that AI will render many jobs obsolete. However, that’s not the case, as artificial intelligence can help us work more efficiently and reduce the risk of human error. 

It can save time and money and ultimately help people become more productive by handling monotonous tasks. AI can also help companies hire the right employees, take over the interview process, and power today’s chatbots which enable HR departments to spend less time answering basic questions. 

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In other words, AI does wonders and it looks like artificial intelligence is also making its way to the coworking scene. This technology is being used in several ways to improve coworking spaces. 

Six benefits of using AI in a coworking space

1. Smarter Work Environment

With the help of artificial intelligence, coworking spaces can become more efficient and cost-effective. Here’s how:

6 Benefits Of Embracing AI In Your Coworking Space

  • Temperature and Light Control: With IoT-enabled products like thermostats and “responsive” lighting rules, AI can automatically adjust the temperature or light when someone enters a room. This helps to reduce energy costs, making coworking spaces more cost-efficient.
  • Real-time Utility Usage Reports: AI allows you to track and measure utilities usage like water and energy on an ongoing basis. This gives you insight into your spending habits so that you know exactly what might be causing higher bills than necessary.
  • Noise Level Monitoring: AI can monitor noise levels in different areas of the workspace so that coworkers know where it’s best to work without being disturbed. It also means space managers can easily identify any overcrowded or noisy areas that need extra attention.
  • Flow Regulation: With enough sensors installed around the facility and a data-driven strategy, AI can help regulate the flow of water and garbage, which keeps your workspace clean and reduces waste costs significantly.

2. Informed Business Decisions

Coworking spaces need to employ the right strategies in order to remain competitive in the digital age. Personalizing communication and utilizing AI can help create a more streamlined process for customer service and operations.

Investing in predictive AI software can provide invaluable insights into future cash flow and potential delays, as well as allow companies to track orders, report problems, and easily provide credit/refunds to customers. This will improve both customer service and customer retention.

Furthermore, these tools provide valuable data that businesses can use to make informed decisions about budgeting, usage patterns, customer engagement, booking schedules, and much more. AI-based forecasting provides a way for businesses to anticipate any potential budget deficits in advance and adjust accordingly.

3. Improved Productivity 

Here are some ways AI could help make coworking space operations smoother and more efficient:

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  • AI can handle tedious management tasks (such as generating automated emails, updating the website with new information, sending reminders, and more) quickly, so administrators can focus on other items on their to-do list.
  • Heating/cooling, lighting, and other basic tasks can all be handled faster by AI than by humans.
  • By gathering occupancy data, AI can optimize cleaning operations and help cleaners identify hotspots needing more attention.
  • AI-powered chatbots can answer basic questions of potential customers and reduce the workload of the help desk department while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

4. Enhanced Security 

With artificial intelligence, you can take your coworking space security to the next level. Machine Learning and IoT sensors and cameras can help you keep track of who comes in and out, as well as provide notifications for any unusual activity. 

You can also use AI to set up access control for individual people, so you can keep certain parts of the building private and secure. Plus, AI adds a layer of protection against possible cyber-attacks while enabling sophisticated user authentication such as two-step verification, biometric recognition, or facial recognition when logging into networks.

5. Improved Coworking Experience 

Working in a shared office can be an enjoyable experience, especially when audio capabilities are enabled. With technology such as Sonos, workers can easily stream or exchange messages without ever having to leave the workspace. It’s also beneficial for people who work from different buildings because AI can identify any open networking opportunities that weren’t previously accessible. 

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AI is not something to be feared, but rather embraced — it makes our working lives more efficient and comfortable. Whether it’s adjusting the temperature, lighting, or booking space in the office, most of these tasks can be automated through IoT and AI, eliminating tedious processes and saving costs along the way. Altogether, these conveniences will certainly lead to increased productivity and well-being in any given workspace.

6. AI and VR enhancements

AI is revolutionizing augmented reality and virtual reality (VR) in coworking spaces. For instance, through the use of AR technology, meeting rooms can be filled with life-like holograms that are indistinguishable from real people. This can provide an effective solution when face-to-face meetings cannot take place.

6 Benefits Of Embracing AI In Your Coworking Space

At the same time, 3D projectors and other sophisticated tools within VR will be used to create a far more immersive experience at larger meetings. With VR capabilities, colleagues can easily connect with each other around the world while also enjoying a vivid display of the content as if they were right in the same room.

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Not only this, but laptops may soon become fully virtualized displays, providing an unprecedented level of clarity and detail for digital collaboration. AI is making it possible to bridge physical distances and bring people together across a wide range of industries, from education to business.

Work smarter 

All in all, artificial intelligence is a powerful ally in the fight to make coworking spaces as efficient and productive as possible. With AI & IoT becoming ever more popular and advanced, businesses can gain insight into how their space is used and can make well-informed decisions that benefit both profits and the experience of coworkers alike. 

From making maintenance easier and reducing costs to improving security and productivity, AI can help to create a vibrant community experience while saving time on mundane tasks. In short, AI allows you to take your business to the next level in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation — all for the greater good of your business.


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