7 Steps To Ensure Quality Customer Service At Your Coworking Space

Quality customer service has always been a cornerstone for any business, and that’s especially true in the coworking industry. As businesses focus on returning to the office, offering superior levels of customer service is essential for maintaining satisfaction among members while encouraging them to come back or recommend your space.

That being said – what exactly does it take for great quality? This article delves into best practices for providing high-quality services at your coworking spaces; so you can create an exceptional experience every time!

7 Steps For Improved Customer Service at Coworking Spaces

Although there are several tips that can help you achieve better customer service, the following 7 are the most beneficial ones.

Appoint a culture head

Creating a positive and engaging culture is essential for any business. That’s especially true for coworking spaces, which are all about creating a sense of community. One way to do this is to appoint someone specifically responsible for fostering a strong culture. This person is known as the head of culture, and they’re in charge of dealing with all customers. 

A head of culture may also be tasked with dealing with difficult members, as well as enforcing your rules and policies. In addition to this general role, the head of culture may also: 

  • Accept complaints and take action based on them
  • Talk to members about their behavior if necessary
  • Communicate and explain your space’s rules
  • Train current employees in order to help them understand how to manage culture

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Familiarize the employees with workplace etiquette

Many coworking business owners recognize the importance of customer service and ensuring customers have a positive experience when visiting their space. One way to achieve this is by teaching employees about workplace etiquette and proper communication. 

At its core, good customer service is all about making guests feel appreciated and welcomed. This starts with a warm greeting, listening attentively to their concerns, and maintaining a positive attitude. In order for coworking businesses to thrive, staff members must know how to communicate effectively with guests.

Follow a customer-first approach

Building an excellent customer service experience starts with understanding your customer. This means taking the time to understand their needs and motivations and delivering on those needs in a way that makes them happy. When you focus on the customer first, it creates a positive feedback loop that leads to more satisfied customers and better business results.

Moreover, when we are kind and understanding, it can help take away some of the anxiety or stress that our customers may be feeling. By taking a few simple steps with this approach, you can create a strong foundation for improving the overall customer experience in your coworking space.

Send e-mails for misconduct

Sending e-mails that communicate the rules of your space can be an effective way to handle misconduct. For example, if someone is consistently breaking policy, sending them an e-mail notification might be the best course of action. 

Furthermore, the way the person responds to the notification will help determine if they’re a good fit for your community, and it’s important to keep track of their behavior so that you can determine if there are any changes. Also, sending follow-up e-mails can help ensure that these situations don’t become repeat occurrences.

Go digital

Digital customer service has revolutionized the experience for both business owners and customers. When it comes to managing your space better and improving customer service, it is vital to invest in the latest technology. 

Coworking spaces can benefit significantly from using online platforms that improve efficiency and help provide a better customer experience. These platforms help businesses manage their schedules, bookings, cancellations, and more. They also allow you to keep better track of your client base and the way in which they are interacting with your space.

By automating certain parts of your operation, you can free up more time to focus on serving your customers. This not only improves the customer experience but also helps extend the life of your business.

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Be innovative with channel partnerships

As the pandemic has progressed, businesses have had to deal with a shortage of workers. It has resulted in a tremendous need for improved customer service. One way that businesses can improve customer service is by partnering with other companies and creating integrated solutions. This is where channel partnerships come into play.

When creating a channel partnership, you need to aim for both brand awareness and marketing goals. Brand awareness refers to the fact that customers will know about your business because of the partnership. 

On the other hand, marketing goals involve getting customers to buy products or services from your business as a result of the partnership. Both of these goals are essential if you want to improve your customer service.

Set a clear guest policy

A clear policy towards guests can help your space remain organized and avoid confusion. By setting guidelines for guest behavior, you can create a more positive experience for all involved.

For example, when hosting meetings or events with guests, make sure to designate specific areas where they can stay. This will prevent overcrowding and ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to work. 

In addition, be sure to enforce etiquette guidelines among guests and members alike. For example, do not monopolize meeting rooms or conference spaces without permission from the manager, and abide by office hours as outlined in your policy.

Parting words

When it comes to ensuring quality customer service, it can be challenging to please everyone while maintaining a positive reputation. But there are many areas to focus on in order to make your coworking space the best place for people to work and socialize. Following the above tips will help you build a strategy that will keep everyone happy. Happy working!

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