Checklist for Planning the Most Efficient Office Pods in Your Workplace

Are you looking for a way to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your workplace? If so, office pods may be a great answer to your search. Whether it’s to provide privacy for phone calls or to create a dedicated space where people can take zoom calls, the introduction of office pods is becoming a popular choice amongst coworking spaces.

However, planning out an efficient layout isn’t always easy. From optimizing available space to ensuring proper ergonomics, there are many factors that go into creating a successful office pod within your coworking space. Read on to discover our comprehensive checklist and learn how you can plan the most effective office pod setup in the available space.

What Are Meeting Pods/Office Pods?

Office pods are generally semi-enclosed workspaces that provide professionals with privacy and a quiet space for productive work or important conversations – perfect for today’s technology-driven businesses. They are also referred to as meeting pods or work pods. These pods can be set up within the space or even outside.

Small office pods can be meant for a single person or even for a group of 4 to 6 people to have physical meetings. And regardless of their composition, all office pods come stocked with all the necessary office technologies so that you can get the most out of work!

These office pods provide a different workplace environment for people, no matter their size or shape. They’re great additions to any workplace and can help keep people focused and productive. 

Benefits of Office Pods

If you enjoy the idea of office pods and are looking forward to integrating them into your coworking space, consider these office pod benefits.

    • Eliminate distractions: Office pods provide a way for coworkers to improve their focus and productivity.
    • Provides additional privacy: The innovative concept of office pods provides a space where people can take phone calls without worrying about being overheard by everyone else sitting nearby.
    • Creates a flexible environment: Having office pods in your coworking space will be an added advantage for your clients.

Checklist To Plan the Right Office Pod for Your Workplace

Some pods are more creative and appealing than others, so you’ll want to find one that fits your style. Here are some of the factors you must consider when choosing office pods for your space.


Office pods come in a variety of materials, like wood, plastic, steel, fibre, etc. Regardless of your choice in terms of material, you should focus on these parameters: cost, sustainability, longevity, aesthetics, etc. Also, ensure it is sturdy and durable enough to support the purpose. 

Furthermore, if your office pods are exposed to exterior elements, such as heat or rain, choose a material that doesn’t degrade too quickly. Doing your research into office pod materials can help you pick one that meets both the aesthetic and practical needs of your set-up.


When choosing the best office pod for your workplace, consider the purpose it is going to serve. A telephone booth-style pod can be used for short calls. It could be a small standing type booth, or you may add a seat for a comfortable conversation.

If the intent is to have a small meeting pod, it must have enough space for 2 to 5 people. It must also be comfortable to sit in, with a desk. For longer calls or virtual conferences, a well-ventilated pod is necessary. 

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The size of the pod matters immensely. If things get a little nifty, you wouldn’t want to run out of space in your office pod. The space you wish to utilize to set your pod affects its size, so you must get a pod that offers customization. 

If you use the pod in a space that has margins, it gives you the liberty to expand the pod. The only catch is that you would require an adjustable pod to offer flexibility. Various manufacturers offer pods that you can customize from the inside to get desired space from time to time.


The way in which the pod’s frame is structured is important because it will determine its longevity. It also determines when the components need replacement.

The door should close easily, seal fully, and be cleanable. There should also be sufficient light, depending on the type of work to be done in the pod. The pod’s build should meet the criteria if building codes require fire containment.


Many pods have step-up floors, so they can’t be accessible by a wheelchair. However, a few models sit flush with the floor and are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair accessibility.

A few other important factors could be comfortable height-adjustable desks and seats, fan and lighting controls, and transparent panels to allow exterior lighting into the pod. 

Parting Words

Office pods are becoming increasingly popular among workers, given their many benefits. Small, self-contained spaces allow employees to work without being disrupted or disrupting others. Office pods are also great for collaborative work, as they eliminate the need for chatter or interruptions.

Overall, office pods are an excellent way to improve productivity and ensure easy access to all resources. When selecting one for your workplace, make sure to consider all of the relevant factors. Happy working!

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