Coworking Spaces Near Airport Terminals: Good or Bad Idea?

Coworking is the new buzzword revolutionizing the corporate arena. Recently, the coworking trend has made its way to shopping malls, departmental stores, and many other places where people can sit and work. Moreover, the fact that coworking spaces can be set up in locations frequented by lots of working professionals has a great appeal. Consequently, investors have been showing interest in the idea of coworking spaces near airport terminals.

According to the Globe Newswire, the global coworking space market size in 2022 was USD 28.89 billion, clearly indicating the investment potential. And since a $50 or $60 one-time pass to a simple airport lounge may not be the best value for many travelers who wish to work during their layovers, there is scope for upgrading these spaces.

The introduction of coworking spaces in airports can only mean one thing: more people streaming in. However, the question is, is it a good idea to introduce coworking spaces to airport terminals in the long run?

Is It a Good Idea To Open Coworking Spaces Near Airport Terminals?

Coworking Spaces Near Airport Terminals

Whether or not this is a good idea depends on a variety of factors.

On the one hand, having a coworking space near an airport terminal can be convenient for business travelers who need to do some work in between flights. On the other hand, airport terminals can be noisy and chaotic places, which may not be ideal for getting work done.

A significant factor to consider is the target market for the coworking space. If the space is primarily targeting business travelers, then being located near an airport terminal could be a significant selling point.

However, if the space targets local professionals looking for a quiet place to work, then being located near an airport terminal might not be the best idea. Ultimately, the decision depends on the specific needs and wants of the target market.

Here’s how to choose the right coworking space for your work needs.

What Are Some Advantages of Coworking Spaces Near Airport Terminals?

Coworking Spaces Near Airport Terminals

There can be plenty of benefits to a coworking space near an airport terminal. Let’s look at some of the advantages of airport-area coworking offices.

Vibrant Influx

For one, the constant flow of people can provide a built-in network of potential clients and collaborators. The high foot traffic also means that there’s always something happening, making the work environment more vibrant and stimulating. Additionally, being close to an airport can be incredibly convenient for business travel.

Some other advantages of coworking spaces in airline lounges include having access to a broader range of amenities and services, being able to take advantage of lower rents, and enjoying more relaxed zoning regulations.

Foreign Delegates

Many a time, companies call upon foreign delegates to attend meetings or conferences. These professionals seek accommodations, and the in-house expense rises. Having a coworking space near an airport means that such guests can join the office from the airport itself. This is a win-win for both parties. 

As an employee, you don’t want to be roaming around in a city to attend a meeting. And as an employer, you can save money on accommodation and travel costs. The process also saves ample time as a precise location at the airport is fixed for meetings, conferences, or office work.

Multinational Corporations

Several big multinational companies want employees to work during business or personal travel tours. Such corporations can set eyes on an excellent working atmosphere, thanks to the coworking spaces near the airport. 

For instance, employees can work on a layover flight while they wait. Even during personal trip, busy entrepreneurs a can attend an important meeting at the coworking space within the terminal. A trader can quickly check out the latest market trends at the airport, and so on. 

How Much Do Coworking Spaces Near Airport Terminals Cost?

Coworking day passes typically cost about the same at an airport-area location as they do in a business district or central area. However, some coworking operators offer subscriptions that grant access to all locations within their portfolio, including those at airport terminals, at a significant discount compared to one-time passes. Again, the pricing and availability may vary based on several factors. Private desks may be available at some spaces, but these will also attract higher charges, especially if it’s a busy airport. Same as with usual coworking offices, opting for a shared space is a more economical option.

What Are Some Disadvantages of These Offices Near Airports?

Coworking near airport terminals can be convenient for business travelers who often find themselves working in airports. However, there are some disadvantages to these offices being near airports. First, the noise level can be high, making it difficult to concentrate on work. Second, the proximity to the airport can make it difficult to get away from work when you need a break. Finally, for investors, rent and upkeep can be more expensive near airports than in other areas.


So, are coworking spaces near airport terminals a good or bad idea? Such spaces can indeed be noisy and disruptive to workers. However, they offer travelers a place to work and relax between their flights. Also, with modern materials and innovative interior design, coworking operators often find ingenious solutions to these problems, and are able to offer a serene atmosphere in spite of the busy surroundings.

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