How an Emerging Coworking Concept is Disrupting the Industry Norm

Flexible work environments have quickly become the expectation in recent years, not the exception, and as a result coworking concepts are popping up across the world. As more professionals and employers find value in remote work models, coworking facilities must adapt to meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs across a range of industries.

Interestingly, many of the concepts on the current market are carbon copies of existing brands – they offer a traditional coworking space that allows members to access the spaces for a monthly fee. Though some may have a unique twist and personality, the cowork offering remains the same.

Prior to the shift to remote and hybrid work models, these existing concepts met the needs of those looking for a designated meeting space, a place to focus and network. Now, with 8 in 10 people working remotely, and the hybrid model (both in-office time and remote work) expected to grow from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024, it’s time to enhance these spaces.

So, how can we level up the coworking game? We can do so through reimagining the traditional coworking space in new, unique ways.

Set to debut in 2023 with a variety of features designed to foster an unparalleled work environment, including cutting edge Metaverse technology, SUCCESS Space, an emerging cafe, cowork, and coaching franchise, is placing innovation at the heart of its mission as it aims to revolutionize the coworking world.

Here are a couple of ways the concept is disrupting the way we work:

A view of a new SUCCESS Space coworking facility.

Virtual Connections

Though the basis of coworking centers around an in-person environment, remote work has shown us that people value flexibility above all else. The Metaverse has been widely discussed in recent years as people and businesses explore the potentials to take advantage of the technology and effectively incorporate it into business models.

Companies in a range of industries including Meta, Lowes, BMW and Google have all created Metaverse worlds to share content, improve employee training, successfully communicate, create engaging online shopping experiences and optimize efficiency.

The SUCCESS Space model incorporates the technology via a virtual world that allows its members to work, meet and connect in the Success World Metaverse. The interactive online replica of the physical spaces offers private meeting rooms, board rooms and office spaces that members can utilize from their computers.

The virtual world is designed to expand access to the coworking space. So, even if you are not near a physical SUCCESS Space location, those who access the Success World can still hold meetings or connect with their mentor.

A view of a new SUCCESS Space coworking facility.

Using Your Network as Mentors

 If you ask a person about their success, most will likely mention a confidant or mentor who has helped guide them through moments in their career. Some might credit their first boss with being the one who instilled a strong work ethic in them, or their professor who helped them discover their passion in college. Whatever it may be, mentors are incredibly valuable to a person’s progression in life, and there are less opportunities to find them in remote work models.

Coworking spaces themselves offer networking opportunities, and while many people have met their mentors within these spaces, SUCCESS Space aims to take it a step further through its designated professional coaching services.

Having designated meetings with a certified professional coach to talk through your next career move or share your business plan with can make a significant impact on a person’s career. Especially now, as many people have been affected by recent layoffs navigate their next career move, identifying a person to act as a sounding board will make all the difference.

Coworking spaces should be more than just a desk in a shared space. They should be a networking avenue for career progression that represent innovation, community and growth.

Incorporating elements like Metaverse technology and professional coaching services allows us to facilitate a more well-rounded collaborative environment that benefits members even when they are not in the physical spaces, and that is the future of coworking.

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