How To Apply For Digital Nomad Visas In 4 Idyllic Work Destinations

  • Digital nomadism is on the rise, and more countries are offering specific visas that make it easier to live, work and travel.  
  • Iceland, Barbados, Seychelles and Portugal are all coastal hotspots for nomads offering an eclectic range of lifestyles, cultures and outdoor activities for remote workers. 
  • These locations offer abundant coworking spaces, digital nomad communities, and fast internet connection to support your digital nomad journey.  

If you’re planning new places to visit as a digital nomad this year, here’s a way to make it simple: visit countries that offer digital nomad visas and trendy, luxurious coworking spaces. 

Here are some of the top destinations to visit in 2023 if you enjoy traveling and working in an office or country with kindred spirits. As a digital nomad you can live, work and travel there for the duration of your visa.  

Iceland, Barbados, Seychelles and Portugal are all coastal hotspots for nomads offering an eclectic range of lifestyles, cultures and outdoor activities for remote workers. They’re all fascinating countries in which to live and work, and offer abundant coworking spaces, digital nomad communities, and fast internet connection to support your digital nomad journey.  

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So get planning, apply for your digital nomad visa, and take yourself (and perhaps your family) on the adventure of a lifetime in 2023.  

Digital nomad visas that make remote work more simple 

1. Iceland long-term visa for remote work 

The Icelandic long-term visa for remote workers is a great option if you want to live there for six months. While there are certain conditions attached to getting this visa, Iceland is a country with a high standard of living, as well as majestic landscapes that include volcanoes, mountains, and lots of snow.   

Iceland provides a unique and supportive environment from which to work as a digital nomad. Its fast internet speeds, startup culture, and wide range of coworking spaces is one of the main attractions for digital nomads and remote workers, as well as its natural beauty.  

Iceland long-term visa for remote work Visa name: Iceland Long-term visa for remote work 

How to apply: Applications can only be submitted in paper (not electronically) either by regular mail to the Directorate of Immigration or by delivering it to the drop box in the Directorate’s reception. 


  • You’ll need to prove you meet their income requirement ($7,000 a month for a single applicant) 
  • You can’t reside there for more than six months 
  • You can’t be from a country where a visa to Iceland is required 
  • To stay six months, you will need to come from a country outside the EEA/EFTA 
  • You can’t work for any Icelandic company 

Costs: $85 for the application 

Duration: Up to 6 months  

Reasons to visit Iceland in 2023: 

  • See the aurora borealis (aka northern lights) 
  • Go on a whale watching tour 
  • Visit many glaciers and glacial lakes, and volcanoes 
  • Swim in warm geothermal lakes in the middle of winter 
  • Stay in an ice hotel 

Iceland long-term visa for remote work 2. Barbados Welcome Stamp Program 

If you’re keen to work remotely from paradise for up to a year, then Barbados might be the right fit for you. Boasting some of the most incredible beaches in the world and a laid-back lifestyle, Barbados is now a destination that’s available to digital nomads thanks to the Barbados Welcome Stamp Program.  

Introduced in 2020, the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp is a remote work visa that enables people to lead a location independent lifestyle — whether they are alone or traveling with families. You can also reapply after one year for the program, which makes it quite an attractive visa option.  

Another perk is that you won’t be subject to Barbados income tax or double taxation. And if you decide to start your own business in Barbados at a later stage, the corporate tax rate is highly competitive.  

This country is known for fast fibre internet, a large selection of coworking offices and spaces, a high standard of living and affordable housing costs, plus a modern healthcare system and a range of attractive outdoor activities and amenities.  

Barbados Welcome Stamp Program Vias name: Barbados Welcome Stamp Program 

How to apply: Easy online application process 


  • You must have your own business or be employed and working remotely for a company outside of Barbados 
  • You must earn over $50,000 per year 

Costs: $2,000 for individuals / $3,000 for families 

Duration: Up to 12 months 

Reasons to visit Barbados in 2023: 

  • Warm climate all year around 
  • Stunning beaches, with great surfing, diving, sailing and water sports 
  • Explore the rainforests 
  • Take part in a range of cultural island festivals 

Barbados Welcome Stamp Program 3. Seychelles Workation Program 

Seychelles is an African island in the warm Indian Ocean that boasts some of the best beaches and hotels in the world.   

This digital nomad visa allows visitors to apply through their Workation program to live in the Seychelles for up to a year, as long as you’re employed outside of Seychelles or freelancing and self-employed.   

Seychelles has a chill and friendly atmosphere, with most digital nomads and expats hanging out in Victoria — the country’s largest island. There’s good high-speed internet on the island, as well as plenty of cafes and places with wifi to work from (with amazing views and food).  

While the cost of living in the Seychelles is on the expensive side, it’s generally still more affordable than many places in the U.S. or Europe. A benefit of living and working in the Seychelles is that you won’t have to pay personal or business income tax while living there on the Seychelles digital nomad visa.  

Seychelles Workation Program Visa name: Seychelles Workation Program 

How to apply: Online application process 


  • Hold a valid passport  
  • Have a letter of employment or be able to prove that you own your business  
  • Provide proof of income or sufficient funds to provide for you over the duration of your stay 
  • Must have medical and travel insurance (and a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate) 
  • Must have provisional proof accommodation booked in the Seychelles 

Costs: $45 

Duration: Up to 1 year  

Reasons to visit Seychelles in 2023: 

  • Go island hopping and explore over 100 different islands in their archipelago  
  • Explore pristine wilderness areas including jungles, mountains, and beaches 
  • Enjoy warm weather all year around 
  • Party at the International Seychelles Carnaval 

Seychelles Workation Program 4. Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa 

Portugal is one of the most popular digital nomad destinations. If you are thinking of being located in Europe, it offers a Mediterranean climate, vibrant startup community, and a great quality of life. Plus the cost of living in Portugal is more affordable than many Western European countries.  

Its thriving digital nomad community is supported by a host of different coworking spaces, fast internet speeds and a vibrant startup and entrepreneurial ethos and culture. There’s plenty of accommodation options to suit different budgets, and traveling around Portugal is easy with access to a great public transport network. Many digital nomads congregate in cities like Lisbon, Braga, Porto, and Coimbra. 

The Portugal digital nomad visa is only open to citizens from the EU, EEA and Switzerland, and in addition to applying for this, you’ll also need to apply for a long-term residence permit if you’ll be staying there more than three months.  

Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa Visa name: Portugal Digital Nomad Visa (Portuguese DNV) 

How to apply: Apply at a Portuguese embassy or consulate 


  • Must be an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen 
  • Provide proof of identity and citizenship 
  • Provide proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself throughout the duration of the visa period 
  • Provide proof that you earn a foreign income (at least around $3,300 a month), and that it’s a stable income (showing proof of an employment contract dating back at least 12 months is recommended) 
  • Provide proof of having comprehensive EU-wide medical insurance coverage of €30,000 
  • Provide a letter by your employer that authorizes you to work remotely in Portugal 
  • Provide proof of accommodation in Portugal for at least the first four months 

Costs: From $1,084 

Duration: 1 year (visa) or 2 years (residency permit), which you can renew for 36 months 

Reasons to visit Portugal in 2023 

  • Great beaches and surfing 
  • Many exciting cultural attractions 
  • Easy travel to other countries in Europe 
  • Relaxed, friendly culture 
  • Many international events and conferences take place in Portugal each year 

Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa

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