infinitSpace Enters Partnership with CG Elementum, Launching Two New Flexible Workspaces in Germany

infinitSpace, creator of white-label flexible workspaces, has announced a new strategic partnership with CG Elementum, the German commercial real estate developer with multiple sites across the country.

The new partnership will facilitate infinitSpace’s nationwide expansion across Germany, with two new flexible workspaces already confirmed. Both buildings are owned by the Gröner Group and are being developed by CG Elementum, with whom infinitSpace has also entered into a strategic partnership.

infinitSpace and CG Elementum are to develop a flexible workspace space brand that will deliver a consistent service across the sites, characterized by its design features, application of cutting-edge technology, focus on community building, and commitment to robust ESG standards.

The two buildings are located in Konradhaus, Mannheim, which will open in Q2 2023, followed by MI5, Cologne, in the first half of 2024. infinitSpace will oversee the design of the new flexible workspaces, installation of technology, manage entry to the market as well as the incoming community and ongoing operation.

A coworking space by infinitSpace in Germany.

An aerial rendering of infinitSpace’s new workspace coming to Cologne.

infinitSpace will implement a first-class management app, available to all users of CG Elementum’s commercial properties, whether they are actively enjoying the flexible workspace or not. The app will have practical features, such as enabling building users to access meeting rooms or book coworking spaces on demand. Primarily, it will serve as a connectivity hub; its reach will extend across Germany, uniting all users of CG Elementum’s buildings, and providing a primary forum for communication and networking.

infinitSpace was launched by former WeWork MD of Europe, Wybo Wijnbergen, and his brother, serial tech entrepreneur, Wilco Wijnbergen. The company has already created and operates multiple flexible workspaces in London under the brand “beyond.”

CG Elementum is another family-run business. It and infinitSpace share a keen focus on ESG and a progressive attitude to commercial real estate and how it should be used. The partnership will allow infinitSpace to rapidly advance its ambitious plans for nationwide German expansion.

“We’re really excited to collaborate with CG Elementum. Cologne is a city with millions of inhabitants and enormous demand for flexible office solutions, while the Rhine-Neckar region around Mannheim is developing rapidly,” said infinitSpace’s CEO and Co-founder, Wybo Wijnbergen.

“The fact that we are working with one of the most innovative real estate developers in Europe in both locations clearly shows how well our solutions are aligned to the current market situation,” said Wijnbergen. “We will work closely with CG Elementum to create a flexspace brand that reflects both their progressive approach to real estate and CG Elementum’s terrific commitment to ESG-compliant products.”

“The demand for flexible workspace is increasing across Europe, but many landlords have little experience in dealing with communities, tech and flexible terms,” added Wijnbergen. “We bring this know-how into our partners’ projects. Our approach not only simplifies owners managing their buildings through digital means, seamlessly integrated into their asset via infinitSpace’s bespoke tenant experience app, it also gives all of the occupants access to our technology and offers available on-site.

“Further, as we will see in this new partnership, flex space can help landlords achieve their sustainability goals; it’s a more efficient use of real estate which better optimizes existing space, while socially, the shared and multifunctional nature of flexible spaces helps build and foster a sense of community.”

A coworking space by infinitSpace in Germany.

“The collaboration with proptech and flexible workspace operator infinitSpace creates synergy: infinitSpace’s innovative ideas in the flexible workspace sector and our long-standing expertise in ecological, economical and digital commercial spaces will create flexible workspaces that exceed the expectations of employers and employees equally,” said Marcus Zischg, CTO/CSO of CG Elementum. “This, within the context of ESG-compliant real estate in our eco-building product, is certainly a combination yet to exist on the market.”

About infinitSpace

infinitSpace creates and manages tech-enabled white-label flexible workspaces on behalf of commercial landlords. It aims to empower human endeavour by bringing together local communities in world-class spaces that have customised curated services and high-spec technology. It operates its own flexible workspace brand – beyond – which landlords can choose to adopt for their own buildings. Alternatively, infinitSpace can create white-label brands and technology, allowing landlords to collaborate in choosing the exact make-up of their workspace.

About CG Elementum

CG Elementum was founded as a subsidiary and internal service provider of the Gröner Group in 2020. It stands for future-oriented, climate-friendly and resource-saving real estate development. Following the maxim of sustainability, we are, on the one hand, pushing the digital design and construction processes to create affordable yet individual and high-quality architecture. On the other hand, we preserve assets by transforming derelict industrial buildings, often contaminated with harmful substances, into new, healthy living spaces. In particular, our new construction projects are always tested for the applicability of various green technology processes as part of our ConceptGreen.

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