Melbourne-Based United Co. Offers Ultimate Flexible Experience for Members

United Co., a wellness-focused shared workspace in Melbourne, provides companies with diverse hybrid working opportunities suited to specific business needs. Companies who wish to avail of innovative workspace can purchase a day pass, utilize breakout spaces for brainstorming, or book a private or shared office space to alleviate the isolation of working from home.

In the coming months, a series of growth strategies will see United Co. expand their world-class offices in inner city Melbourne.

Located on Smith Street, Fitzroy, the company provides innovative shared workspace to boost team productivity and connection. The impressive company revamp in 2023 will bring more to the table in terms of company offering for new and existing members. 

Across Australia, coworking has quickly become the norm and United Co. continues to excel in offering flexible workspace options from casual access and part-time memberships, to large office suites and everything in between. United Co. tailors these solutions to suit business needs and helps companies adapt through business changes and growth.

A view of Melbourne.

At United Co., work is more than just a desk. With employees expecting increased flexibility, employers are adapting the workplace to suit. Coworking spaces offer the perfect solution, offering a place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers can come together to collaborate and network and grow.

United Co.’s members come from a variety of industries, and this diversity is just a slice of what makes the brand so successful. Members are afforded the opportunity to network in ways that may not have been available to them otherwise. 

In addition to the physical workspace and community aspect, United Co. provides a range of amenities and services to make the workday easier. From high-speed internet to office amenities, the operator also hosts a variety of events and workshops to help members grow both personally and professionally.

At the heart of this coworking space, United Co. is committed to providing world-class services to new and existing members. Unlike other coworking organizations, United Co. continues to operate on the core value of being extremely service oriented. Its mission is to delight people at work through inspired spaces and through the power of connection and community. 

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