Ranking the Top Coworking Space Management Software in 2023

With the growth of the coworking industry, managers often struggle to juggle multiple tasks such as optimizing their space, membership management, processing payments and managing amenities, building a collaborative community, and enhancing their brand.

This can be time-consuming and detract from the main goal of creating a vibrant coworking space and developing customer loyalty. Coworking apps could be the key to making operations much simpler and more efficient, enabling operators to focus on what’s important: creating a successful business.

But how do you know if investing in a white-label app is worth it, and which coworking space management software is right for your brand?

We’ve got you covered with our list of the top 5 modern coworking software options from major players—all of which have been carefully selected for their features and functionality.

1. andcards

Managing a coworking space should be easy. And that’s what andcards is about. This coworking space management software offers an intuitive and unified platform across their web and mobile apps. This is the only system in the market that allows managing a coworking space through a smartphone, which elevates admins’ productivity up to the sky.

With andcards focusing on simple user experience, even non-tech-savvy customers can quickly learn how to use the platform. As a coworking space admin, you’ll have all the core essentials like automatic billing collection, membership management, members’ support, built-in analytics, bookings, visitor management, and access control covered, as well as features that help keep your community engaged and connected, such as newsfeed, one-on-one chats, and coworking events management.

Most prominent features:

  • Native, intuitive interface design that requires zero training for admins and customers. 95% of members book meeting rooms and desks on andcards by themselves without the admin’s help, so simple the process is. Customers know how to use your white-label app even before visiting a coworking space.
  • Fancy branded apps. Web and mobile apps by andcards can be used by all parties involved in the coworking process—members, nonmembers, event attendees, visitors, and even administrators. This is probably the only coworking space platform that frees administrators from desktops by enabling them to perform absolutely the same tasks on mobile.
  • Outstanding customer support. 98% of andcards customers praise their unrivaled support in Trustpilot and Capterra reviews. Indeed, with free 24/7 chat and email support for all plans, a dedicated account manager who will take care that you go live with the web app within 1 hour from signup, and less than 2 minutes of support response time, you will feel well taken care of. Add here regular training and webinars unveiling the secrets of efficient coworking space management, and you will comprehend the company’s customer-centric approach.

2. Cobot

Cobot offers a unique solution for coworking spaces and office hubs around the world. It provides an intuitive and efficient single interface to manage different tasks such as monitoring coworking space members, booking passes, creating invoices, providing customer support, and more. By utilizing its white-label technology, you can rebrand the platform with your own logo and decide which features are most suitable for your business.

Cobot has been in operation since it was first used for co.up in Berlin to eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets—automating the tedious manual record-keeping process. In the years since, Cobot has helped hundreds of coworking spaces all over the world manage their operations to get their businesses up and running smoothly. Although there are currently no mobile apps associated with Cobot, you can access your data through a web-based cloud solution.

Most prominent features:

  • 30-day free trial. Cobot offers a fully-featured 30-day free trial of all its core features. This can help coworking operators get a good feel for this coworking space management app without committing to any long-term or expensive obligations.
  • API platform tool. Cobot’s API is a powerful build-your-own platform tool that enables seamless integration with dozens of specific tools, including popular project management apps, payment processing applications, and social networking software solutions. Using this platform, coworking spaces can combine different tools into one cohesive hub for greater efficiency and convenience.
  • White label member portal. Cobot provides a white-label member portal that allows a coworking space business to completely customize members’ experiences. This includes adding logos, custom colors, custom domains, and more at no extra cost.

3. Nexudus

Nexudus is an all-in-one platform and CRM for managing and promoting coworking and flex workspaces and hybrid workplaces. It offers a range of tools, from automated billing and accounting to lead tracking, member onboarding, community management, event ticketing, delivery management, and more.

With Nexudus, you can potentially grow your client network and build a professional community around your space while automating your workflow to save time. To get the most out of the system, you’ll likely need some training from Nexudus Academy—an extensive course designed to help you unlock multiple possibilities with their white-label solution.

Most prominent features:

  • Nexudus offers email newsletters as part of its service, allowing admins to send out personalized emails and campaigns to segmented audiences. Most coworking centers prefer professional tools such as Mailchimp for the purpose but anyway, having an email newsletter tool inside a coworking app makes an impression.
  • Nexudus also provides seven mobile apps aimed at offering an enhanced experience for members and automating daily tasks associated with running a flexible workspace. These apps cover a variety of activities from keeping members engaged to contactless check-ins and can significantly increase efficiency in managing a workspace. You just need to make members aware of the essentiality of downloading all these apps on their smartphones.
  • The platform allows admins to create custom pages on the Members Portal using either static or dynamic templates, depending on your web development experience. Non-coders can easily display simple information while those with more expertise can develop interactive content.

4. OfficeRnD

OfficeRnD was designed to help office centers and flex spaces manage their customers, resources, and contracts.

It offers a wide range of key features such as CRM that allows administrators to organize prospective customers. The Members Management tool to track changes in membership plans. Space Management to get an overview of desk occupancy. Resource Management for business analytics from various desk occupancies. And finally, Contract Management acting as a central hub for collecting relevant information on managed workspace members.

All these features make OfficeRnD ideal office space management software rather than a coworking app due to its immense feature set and relative complexity.

Most prominent features:

  1. Floor Plans. The feature allows for the visualization of office layouts and resource allocation. The functionality is more essential for office centers than coworking spaces, due to the need for an agile environment of the latter, where floor plans become outdated soon. However, if you are a fan of floorplans for your coworking space business, you can request changes from the software provider when necessary and in a couple of weeks, you’ll have an updated version of a floorplan on your app.
  2. CRM. OfficeRnD offers a custom built-in Customer Relationship Management function that helps manage the potential customers of the workspace community while collecting data on their desired target audience within particular channels.
  3. Contracts Management. OfficeRnD provides an automated contracts management system that takes care of billing and contract-related problems.

5. Optix

Optix offers a comprehensive set of features to support flexible and hybrid workspaces.

From white-label native mobile apps to CRM capabilities and customizable resource types, Optix provides almost everything a modern coworking business needs. Its list of features includes resource management, multi-location management, marketplace access, automated invoicing and payments, data and business analytics tools, web widgets, and more–all wrapped into a pricey package.

In addition to this extensive feature set, Optix also offers white glove onboarding for all plans and a dedicated success manager as an add-on—making it a good solution for any shared workspace business owner that is not tight on budget and is ok with slightly limited branding options.

Most prominent features:

  • Mobile apps for members. Optix provides beautiful iOS and Android apps to power the member experience at a coworking space. Mobile apps are offered exclusively for members, which means coworking space managers won’t be able to control the space on the go. Similarly, since Optix is focused on the mobile experience for members, web apps are not offered for them.
  • Real-time resource management, including the ability to book and assign any type of resource you’d like to offer (i.e. desk booking, meeting room booking, private office assignment, equipment booking, parking reservation etc.)
  • Marketplace to market and sell products and services—all available through a custom mobile app experience.

In conclusion, all of the above-mentioned players are great options for coworking management software. The choice completely depends on your business requirements.

Whether you need floor plans for your hybrid office center or look for a seamless user experience with white-label mobile apps, a self-service meeting room booking system, on-site event management, and membership perks, there is a solution perfect for you.

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